The Golden Crossed Box Pleat Award for 2001


Paulo Mullatinho had slyly arranged that Vincent Floderer and Thoki Yenn dressed up in the fantastic creations of Vincent, and after the old Geezer had received the St. George Medallion at the Exhibition of St. George and the Dragon at the Domberg Museum in Freising Paulo took the above picture luckily just catching the unforgettable exact moment when I The Great and Glorious Pesky Kalmon of the North introduced the idea that the shadowy consortium behind the Thoki Yenn Foundation had decided that Vincent Floderer should receive

The Golden Crossed Box Pleat Award for 2001


How to fold the CBP

Freising 6.June 2001.

While Vincent and Thoki met over a cool glass of water at the Domberg Museum, the shadowy consortium behind The Thoki Yenn Foundation decided that the Golden CBP Award 2001 would go to Vincent Floderer for his outstanding innovation in the field of the fine art of paper folding. .

The Award will be given every 13th month on the 13th day of the month, and the next recipient of this invaluable fold will be selected by Vincent Floderer 13. June 2002 and awarded to this person 13. July 2002 at a place to be published in the near future

This beautiful Golden Crossed Box Pleat with its elegant inexactitude irrefutably proving that it is folded by the old Geezer's own hands, is the one that I the Great and Glorious Pesky Kalmon of the North as Curator of The Thoki Yenn Foundation is presenting to the French Crimp style Paper Folding Master Vincent Floderer. The announcement will be published on

the 13. June 2001.

Updated 12. June 2001



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