Flip Flop from Dollar Bills - page 2.
E-Mail from Andrew Hans, U.S.A. along with photos on page 1.
Dear  Thoki:
Well, I finally conquered the Flip Flop a few weeks ago.  I had put it down, 
and several months later came back to it, and with the information by my 
friend Russ Sutherland, I was able to do it.  Little did I realize how close 
I was on the first attempt.
So, I was in a chat room with my origami friends (Paperwonders) for our usual 
Tuesday night chat, and I was discussing with Annie Pidel why the Flip Flop 
couldn't be adapted to a $.  I proposed to her 2 different methods--the first 
involved a single $ bill, hemmed so that the dimensions were 1:3.75.  A 
dollar bill (US) is 66x156mm, so a 12mm hem on each side would produce a bill 
of 42x156mm or 1:3.71.  The second method was to over lap 2 bills so you had 
a 66x247mm "bill"--the overlap being 91mm.  I told her I was going to try the 
first method as it is a more pure $ fold.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to 
make a go of it, as it was too thick and very unwieldy.  So, I set out for 
the 2 $ version.  That, however was still tricky as the bills moved and 
shifted in relation to each other and so what was necessary (much to my 
distaste) was some glue. 
A few days later I found out that Annie had folded the single $ version, 
which she ultimately sent me.  I took some digital pictures of them, and I am 
enclosing them for you to use on your website if you so desire.
I hope to hear from you or Kalmon, if you are  too busy.
Andrew Hans
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