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Have an Idea, Invention, or New Product?
Invention Submission Corporation, America`s leading invention company since 1984, helps inventors try to submit their ideas to industry & obtain patent services. Free inventors newsletter.

Profit From Your Inventions...
Comprehensive inventor tools: patents, licensing, marketing, financing, manufacturing, distribution. Click for free Invention Profit-kit.

Do You Have An Invention or Great Idea?
Let Invent-Tech's diverse team of professionals help take your idea to the next level with our expertise in industry and new product development.

Free Patent Information
Litman Law, Arlington, VA. Near U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Former Patent Office Director, Office of Independent Inventor Programs. Searches and applications for businesses, innovators and lawyers worldwide. Call toll-free. FREE Information.

Have An Idea, Invention, or New Product?
Invention Submission Corporation, America`s leading invention company since 1984, helps inventors attempt to submit their ideas to industry and obtain patent services. Subscribe to InventHelp, ISC`s free newsletter for inventors.

FREE Patent Information & Consultation
Litman Law. Near U.S. Patent Office. Former Patent Office Director, Independent Inventor Programs. Applying for patents for lawyers, innovators and businesses worldwide. Free information.

Search for "Patent" information at ZapMeta
For your convenience, we've gathered hundreds of web sites related to "Patent" and ranked them according to relevancy.

Find results for patents. Best patents websites
Reviewed patents websites. Find the best websites about patents available on the web! About patents and patents related topics at! All patents sites 100% safe and secure.

Patents Attorneys For Less Than $1/Day
Less than $1/day gets expert legal assistance for all legal issues. We offer a nation-wide team of expert attorneys experienced in all aspects of personal law, family law, and litigation.

We Bring Products To Market
From concept to market for inventors, product developers and engineering firms. Product management and development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

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