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Pendleton Marine pleads not guilty to murder, kidnapping of Iraqi (The San Francisco Examiner)
CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - A Marine pleaded not guilty Wednesday to murder and kidnapping charges stemming from the death of a civilian man in rural Iraq.

What's So Funny? (Denver Westword)
You don't get to be a man of Dealin' Doug 's stature without understanding the first rule of celebrity: Always leave them wanting more. I learned this over drinks with the automobile baron himself. Oh, you didn't hear? Dealin' Doug and I had a drink together. No big deal.

Matter of national security : Acclaimed correspondent visiting professor at Naval Academy (HometownAnnapolis.com)
Foreign correspondent Robert D. Kaplan, who made a career covering the far corners of the globe - the past four years in Afghanistan and Iraq - is serving as the first Class of 1960 Distinguished Visiting Professor in National Security at the Naval Academy.

U.S. Total Cheese Production by State - Aug 2006 (Ag Report)
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Canadian Lodging Reports For The Week Ending September 30, 2021 (Hospitality Net)
Smith Travel Research (STR) is the recognized leader in providing accurate, actionable information and analysis to the lodging industry. Since 1985, the company has served the industry operating on the key principals of integrity, confidentiality and customer service. STR provides timely information and analysis to all major North American hotel chains and a growing number of chains in Europe and

Times Correspondent R.W. Apple Dies (CBS News)
Longtime New York Times correspondent R.W. Apple has died at the age of 71, after complications of thoracic cancer. Apple was known for his Falstaffian appetite and manner as well as his decades of reporting on war, elections and travel.

AOL Unveils New Software (CBS News)
AOL launched OpenRide, a free Web browser that splits the main window into four panes ? for email, instant messaging, video and general Web browsing.

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