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City continues to plan for disasters (Edwardsville Intelligencer)
Emergency generator purchased for City Hall The city of Edwardsville is closer to being prepared for a natural disaster as the city council moved forward on a plan to have an emergency generator installed at City Hall.

No Airbus - Qantas in capacity dilemma (Sydney Morning Herald)
QANTAS has been forced to review its capacity plans for the next two years after Airbus postponed delivery of its A380 jumbo jet for the third time. -

Hamilton police train with new tasers (Daily Gate City)
HAMILTON, Ill. - The popping sound of a taser's electrical current followed by a man's hoarse yell of pain was captured along with video footage Tuesday at the Hamilton Fire Station.

Heat requires caution: Triple-digit temperatures increase risk of problems (Allen American Star)
With Allen under a heat wave and temperatures hitting triple digits, people need to take precautions when outside. Both heat exhaustion and heatstroke can occur during the hot summer days in Texas.

Town shuts down art school (The Little Elm Journal)
A classroom of art students learned this week what happens when their teacher colored outside the lines. Code enforcement and police officers located illegal drugs and health and safety violations at Art-A-Rama on Monday that resulted in the school's closure Tuesday.

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